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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Are Some People Simply Incapable Of Attaining Emotional Freedom?

I think so.

I am not sure why that is. Perhaps it is an ego that practices contempt prior to investigation or an ego that thinks it knows it all. Perhaps some people just enjoy being miserable, maybe even whiny. Perhaps that is the only attention they receive. These are all forms or symptoms of an unconscious mind. Maybe the problem is comprehension- perhaps making changes is very difficult for certain segments of people. It is this latter possibility that I have been focused on recently.

There are at least nine different types of intelligence. My strong suits are intra and inter personal relationships. I am a complete idiot when it comes to some other forms of intelligence. In fact, I have no real visual or spatial intelligence at all.

I have a friend with a profound sense of spatial intelligence. However, she almost completely lacks any intra personal intelligence. To me, she appears confused and neurotic. I am beginning to realize that we are all blessed with different types of intelligence and thus, we face obstacles when trying to comprehend or assimilate an intelligence type that does not come easy or natural for us.

If a person simply cannot comprehend what steps are needed for an emotionally free life, you cannot force it upon them. They cannot grasp the concept. It's no different than when I try to be an interior decorator. I am a miserable failure. Colors and spatial intelligence are very difficult for me. I have to defer to someone that possesses that type of intelligence to achieve a better result.

These different types of intelligence are fascinating to me. I think you can be very intelligent, perhaps even a genius in specific areas, and be "less than bright" in others. Einstein immediately comes to mind. The guy could barely print his name.

I work with a number of people who I am beginning to understand have proclivities and proficiencies in areas that do not involve intra personal or self intelligence. Identifying those people takes a little time, asking the right questions, and listening. Depending on their answers, I can begin to craft a tactic that will work for them and restore a little serenity in their lives. For those with virtually no self intelligence, I keep it very simple. For those with a great deal of self intelligence, I can explore emotional causes and effects, remedies, and generally go into much greater detail.

This tailoring approach is having far greater success than flock shooting concepts at people and hoping that they understand them. I think the point I am trying to make here is that there are some very intelligent people that will never gain any measure of emotional freedom simply because they are not self intelligent. They are just not geared to understand this and continue to dwell in the subconscious and absent any critical motivation, they won't see any need for it.

In the end, I think an unconscious mind is always the greatest barrier to achieving emotional freedom. Identifying what you are trying to convey, and then identifying what your target audience is capable of comprehending, is allowing me to achieve better results.

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