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Monday, September 28, 2009

Awareness Spawns Love

Life long and/or long term and entrenched belief systems-are the most emotionally difficult belief systems to manage or make sense of. They are also the most difficult to change.

Predictably, those that we know the best, often behave in the most predictable ways. They do this because they cling to a belief system that they have accepted as true. They simply cannot see things any other way. In that sense, they are unconscious.

Belief systems are the product of an egoic need to justify ones behavior. The ego, self centered and fear driven, clings to these beliefs. In fact, fear and the self seeking symptoms that manifest themselves as resistance or control work well in many situations. You fear water damage to your house therefore you repair the roof. You fear your wife and kids stranded on a desolate highway so you buy a new family car. These fears whether real or imagined can be controlled to some extent and other than financial considerations, they may be manageable or acceptable. Their impact on others is minimal.

Where belief systems fail is in relationships. You simply cannot control how others think. And as simple as that sounds, we try and fail. So why do we try? We fear something in ourselves and so it is, we try to change or control beliefs and behaviors in someone else.

In fact, changing the way we see the world was the whole point of this blog. But I don't write here because I fear. I have already accepted that without universal consciousness and love, there can only be unconsciousness, ego, and hate. It is either/or-but it can't be both.

One only has to look at our entire history from the time of Cain and Able to the last murder or the last dead soldier. Our lack of emotional evolution is prima facia and without changing belief systems, we will continue repeating the same behavior and getting the same results. Makes sense doesn't it?

Do you like the results you are getting?

The best you can hope to accomplish is awareness in others. Even at that, raising awareness in others can be an impossible task. Even those that we love. Those bodies are already occupied by the belief systems and egoic needs of someone else. Even those with your DNA. But when you attempt to raise awareness, and fail, you must quit trying. Make that your new understanding.

Emotional freedom is only available for the willing. Those that want to improve relationships for themselves. Those willing to employ rigorous honesty and awareness for a level of love and understanding that they never knew existed.

Your capacity to love unconditionally can only be measured by your willingness to accept all people for who they are. Even those who would diminish you.

Today, we've crested a whole new level of consciousness and awareness. We have to accept the fact that the emotionally fearful will take hostages. They will continue to take emotional hostages as they try to control their exterior world and those around them. Forcing their will on others. Refusal and resistance to acceptance can only lead to negative emotional disturbances.

Willingness spawns awareness. Without awareness there is only fear. Awareness that others are free to live their lives as they see fit even as they try to impose their will on us is disengaging. We let it be and we accept it. Love is truly letting go of fear.