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Thursday, December 17, 2009

"You've Got a Bad Attitude!"

I love it when I hear those words. For three reasons.

1. It is condescending and attack speech.

2. It reminds me of me.

3. But the most important reason I love to hear those words is...absolutely nobody knows precisely how to do that. Just how do you go about changing an attitude?

I use this site as a teaching tool. That's what this site is for. This is the blueprint for changing the way you see the world, for changing your attitude...drum roll please...


So when I hear someone tell somebody to "change their attitude" it is always done in a one up and diminishing style. It is a put down. And because it is delivered in a nasty fashion, it is never meant to actually help. It is, even if true, often an insult. Almost always. And even if the statement is delivered in a genuine way, I've never heard anyone deliver the recipe for just how an attitude is actually changed. And if they try, it is usually some vague, superficial explanation that does nothing for the listener.

So I'd like to say this. This site is about changing your attitude. We teach you how to do that. It takes willingness, understanding, commitment, and time. It's worth it. It will change your life.


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