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Thursday, May 30, 2013

How I Repaired My Life, Introduction

I don't think that anyone learns anything from theory or hypothetical situations that never occur. I never did. I have no memory of some theory or of some incident that never took place. There is no resultant experience. Nothing to draw on. People learn from doing. From succeeding and failing. They feel and they remember that feeling- that is where learning comes from. They might learn from others who are willing to tell the truth about themselves- but only if they share common bonds with you.

So people learn from doing and from feeling. They can store facts and numbers that were learned in a classroom- but chances are- they won't feel those facts or numbers.

I remember songs from the 70's. I feel them when I hear them. I remember how old I was, where I was, and how I felt about them. It is this sense of feeling, of learning, that I will share with you.

How do you know what I'm about to say here is the truth?

Because nobody shreds themselves on a blog and delivers it to the world. There is simply no reason to do so. When people shred themselves and lay bare all that is bad about them- we discover truth. Once we have uncovered the truth about ourselves, we can accept what is bad about ourselves as so many do,  or we can make repairs. We can improve our condition. Nobody can do this except you. Well, with the help of a tour guide.

We learn from the good things in our lives, of course, and we seek to feel those feelings over and over again. Sometimes we cannot recapture them. Sometimes we lose them. When we lose those feelings, can we recover them? Can we find new and better feelings to repair or to replace them?

What's so far-fetched about seeking repairs? Things in our lives such as our houses, cars, appliances, even our relationships, all wear out over time. That seems normal to me. When the belt slips off your dryer and it quits working- you diagnose that and you fix it. Don't you?

So the things that are working properly in my life, or your life, don't need repairs. Those are the good feelings. But the things in my life that are not working- need repairs. That's where I focus.

I am no longer ashamed of the things that are bad about me, the things that need repairing. Without them, I would have learned nothing.

Everything that I am about to write about my life and about myself is true. I am doing this because it is the truth and there is something to be learned from people willing to tell the truth. I have to take the chance that what I am about to disclose about myself will help you. I hope that it doesn't embarrass you.

I am going to write this piece in four parts, or in blocks of my life up to and including the beginning of my 5th block. I am 52 years old. I am the fire sign, Sagittarius, for those who are curious. I am a risk taker. That's why I'm here. Here's a link that sums up who and what I am. I am no astrology buff, but I am in awe at how accurate these things can be. 

I am going to try and write one part per week. I have to be wrapped up by the first part of July. My RoadKing whispers to me. *Editors note- things don't always go as planned.

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