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Sunday, July 25, 2010


They tell this story in New Orleans.

During Hurricane Katrina, the police came by a house in the 9th ward and asked the family to evacuate. They refused saying, "God will save us." As they crawled onto their rooftop to escape the 6 feet deep water, the Coast Guard came by in a boat and offered rescue to the panic stricken family. They refused, and said, "God will save us." As the house began to tremble and shake and started to move from it's foundation a helicopter rescue appeared. Once again, the family refused help by stating, "God will save us."

Eventually the house was swept away and the entire family drowned. They met St. Peter at the pearly gates to heaven. They were disappointed and angry. They told St. Peter that they trusted that God would save them, yet he did not. They had all perished.

St. Peter looked at the family and replied, "I understand. But we sent the cops, the coast guard, and an army helicopter. What more could we have done?"

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