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Friday, January 15, 2010

The Blueprint, Part Three

Managing emotions became easier and easier for me as I realized that emotions were simply thoughts. Unconscious behavior. Worse yet, people actually act on those insane thoughts.

But what was driving all those insane thought patterns? Ego. Insane people acting on irrational thoughts. I will give you a beautiful example. I can still picture that moment in my mind.

A few months ago, I was interviewing for a job helping disabled and handicapped people gain physical access to services at a variety of locations. Places where infrastructure simply wasn't in place, perhaps a wheelchair ramp at a church. This was a job that would require some finesse and negotiating skills and with some savvy, gain compliance through cooperation. I was sure that this was something that I would be good at.

During the interview, I was asked what experience I had helping people gain access to services. I made the mistake of saying that although I had directed hundreds of people to services, rarely had I "held their hand" throughout the entire process. I used that phrase a couple of times as I answered the question. One of my interviewers became visibly upset and actually scolded me during the interview for having used that phrase. She adamantly "schooled" me on the appropriate jargon with the accompanying diminishing innuendo. I understand my error now. My role in that exchange. But a larger question looms. What kind of an ego launches an attack at a job interview? What had I done to cause that type of response?

It is the insanity of the human mind and ego that demands that someone must be made to feel bad in order to make themselves feel better. A fear driven ego- out of control. This is the insanity of a fearful mind that feels victimized by an innocent remark. An ego that makes an incorrect assumption and launches a counterattack. More importantly, it points to a lack of spirituality.

I used this example for a couple of reasons. Not to point out flaws, or to determine who is right or wrong. I am no better than my interviewer. I have been guilty of similar behavior hundreds and thousands of times.

When the time comes that you pull this type of behavior, kicking and screaming out of your subconscious mind into your conscious mind, you no longer have an excuse for being a miserable human being.

For me, recognizing this insanity occurred in the spring of '08. Just weeks before I stumbled onto Eckhart Tolle's masterpiece, "A New Earth." That book presents the insanity of the human mind. It was brilliant and although it was widely acclaimed and sold, it will do very little to change the collective thought process of fear driven human beings. Why?

Because human beings don't want to change. They want to cling to their old belief systems and egos. They refuse to evolve. They don't see any reason to change. They don't see what's in it for them. They enjoy wallowing in self pity, they enjoy being victims and having something to whine about, they enjoy attacking others to make themselves feel better. And if 2000 years of evidence isn't enough to convince you that we are unwilling to evolve, I can't provide any more proof than that.

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