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Sunday, July 7, 2019

The Punishing God Concept

I've never believed in a punishing God. The concept seems preposterous.

A deity which says, "I love you but I may have to send you to hell." I like to think of that logic this way. Despite the fact that I am a highly evolved deity capable of creating this entire world- unfortunately I lack the capacity to love unconditionally. Therefore these are my conditions for eternal bliss. Follow all of these commandments or rules- or failing that- accept the human sacrifice of Jesus and be saved by grace.

Of course all of those rules or commandments are too lofty to ever comply with and coincidentally- they seems to be perfectly adapted rules for order in a society of human beings.

Does a highly evolved God need this whole worship and order dictum or does that sound like a bunch of un-evolved human beings trying to keep the peace because they are scared of the unmanageable? Trying to control how other members of the society behave?

I seek the capacity to love unconditionally. I threaten no man with hell. I want everyone to succeed. I am simply a man.

I am disturbed by religion. I always have been. It simply doesn't make sense to me and never has. I am evolving spiritually and the more I evolve and place religious dogma under a microscope the worse it seems to get. Yet I cannot ignore the historical headwaters of the Bible or it's various authors.

All religions claim to be the real deal. That alone should make you suspicious. Most also have a single thread of commonality- believe or suffer the consequences. Fear based. Fear is the opposite of love.

Yet, I also don't want to diminish someone else's beliefs or impose my opinions on them. It's not necessary.

That leaves me with only two conclusions. We are alone and nothing OR we are purposefully here to accomplish tasks which help us to evolve and emotionally mature and thus help others to do the same. Without conflict and barbarism, there would be nothing to learn. So this petri dish we call earth and it's crazy religions are actually necessary components to our spiritual evolution. Without them, we cannot over come our fear of death.

So we seek something that makes sense. Years ago, I landed on a universal intelligence, something that allows us to evolve. It is the happy medium- something between a heavenly nirvana and eternal hell. It doesn't fit the fear driven dogma of every church- do this or else. Nor does it say, commit terrible acts and then be saved by grace.

Find something you are at peace with. Do not challenge anyone else's version of religion or God. Do not challenge churches that engage in money gathering or temple building.  People have fought wars over these types of beliefs and are willing to die for them. That kind of ego control and unconscious behavior is exactly what we are trying to avoid. Do we have a purpose here? I think so. But that is an issue that must be settled on it's own merits by each individual here and it is certainly not worth arguing about- let alone dying for.

Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps I am simply too un-intelligent to grasp the whole punishing God- Lucifer struggle that exists here and I am simply collateral damage in a struggle between two superior beings. Both of which lack the power to love unconditionally.

I am certainly not looking to speed up the process but there is certainly a part of me that thinks it will be interesting to find out what is true or not.